Why the Elektron Digitone is just amazing?

I recently bought myself a Digitone because I wanted to experience the capabilities of FM sound synthesis. Being a 80s disco funk and soul fan, I tried to play around with the retro synth sounds, also having in mind old synthesizers used back then like the DX-series.

“Yes” by Reverdy Carrasco

If one compares the Digitone with the classic DX7, it can first be said that this FM synthesizer is both a simplified and partially extended version. Instead of six operators per voice, the Digitone has four, instead of 32 algorithms eight. At the same time, the Digitone’s FM construction kit was designed more as a complex tone generator at the beginning of a signal path that is otherwise more oriented towards subtractive synthesizers. The Digitone’s FM tone generator is followed in series by an overdrive, two filter types and finally the amplifier module. This makes the Digitone an outstanding tool for musicians and hobbyists.

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